Cooktop Hotpoint-Ariston 7H PC 604 X / HA

Cooktop Hotpoint-Ariston 7H PC 604 X / HA

Product code: 67559

7H PC 604 X / HA - is a stylish, simple and very easy to use electric hob from Hotpoint-Ariston. It is designed for cooking !

Cooktop Hotpoint-Ariston 7H PC 604 X / HA

5 380P

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12 months

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Characteristics Hotpoint-Ariston 7H PC 604 X / HA

Size H * W * D
3,3x59x51 cm
Stainless. steel
Panel Type
Type of surface
stainless steel
Type of connection
rotary switches
Number of burners
Residual heat indicator
guarantee period
12 months
11 kg
Additional information

iron pancakes

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Reviews Cooktop Hotpoint-Ariston 7H PC 604 X / HA
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Do you want to get a discount? Reviews for this product yet - be the first and get a 3% discount

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